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Game Bags


Custom bags w/Logo prints available.
$2 per bag, min. Qty of 50. Contact us for inquiries.

Made with 7 oz. cotton, so your meat can breathe, stitched twice up the side for stronger seems. No seams on the bottom of the bag. Large header so the bag can close completely. There are two 3/16” Diamond braided ropes in the header to allow to pull closed from both directions so the bag closes in the middle. 5 Different sizes.

Usable for years with proper care and maintenance – washable, reusable.


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Game Bags

Meat Bag (13" x 25") – $9.99, Deer Quarter Bag (28" x 32") – $20.99, Elk Quarter Bag (45" x 42") – $27.99, Deer/Elk Bag (45" x 84") – $33.99, Bull Bag (45" x 120") – $41.99

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